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Bridge Classes: TJSDouble

This class contains a floating point value (accessed by the property Value) which can be accessed and modified by both native code (Delphi / Kylix) and script. A change from either codespace is immediately reflected in the other codespace. This class will provide basic functionality even when not connected to a JavaScript engine. This class is presently not threadsafe.

  • Connected: Boolean

    When true the object is connected to an instance of TJSEngine, permitting interaction with script code.
  • Destroying: Boolean

    Developers should not need to access this property. It is used when an instance of TJSEngine is shut down.
  • Engine: TJSEngine

    Use this property to access the engine to which the TJSDouble is connected.
  • JScriptVal: jsval

    Only advanced developers should use this property. It can be used in SpiderMonkey callback functions, or API calls, for instance.
  • JSName: string

    This is the name associated with the variable in JavaScript.
  • JSObject: PJSObject

    Only advanced users should use this property. A developer can use this value when working with the SpiderMonkey API.
  • Parent: TJSObject

    The parent is the scope from which the current TJSDouble is accessible. If no parent was assigned when the TJSDouble was created it will default to TJSEngine.Global.
  • Value: Double

    Access this property to get or set the double value for both Delphi / Kylix and JavaScript.
  • constructor Create(AValue: PJSObject; AEngine: TJSEngine; const AName: string);

    Creates a new TJSDouble at the global scope named AName.
  • constructor Create(AValue: PJSObject; AEngine: TJSEngine; const AName: string; AParent: TJSObject);

    Creates a new TJSDouble at the specified scope named AName.
  • procedure Connect(AEngine: TJSEngine; AName: string; AParent: TJSObject);
    procedure Connect(AEngine: TJSEngine; AName: string);

    Connects the TJSDouble to the engine. The first declaration will assign the JavaScript object to the specified scope, while the second will default the scope to global.

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