Delphi / Kylix <-> SpiderMonkey Bridge

This sub-project provides a bridge between Delphi / Kylix and SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine from the Mozilla Foundation, allowing you to use it in your own applications. You can get the code via CVS or download an archive. If you encounter any problems, or would like to recommend a feature, please file a bug.

09 December 2005 The beta code from November 2004 has no major issues so it is now a stable release. There have been no changes to CVS since then. The documentation is very out of date and we really need help updating it. Please get in touch via the mailing list if you are interested in helping.

While reading this documentation you will find words or phrases that are underlinedThis is an example of an explanatory tooltip.. Moving your mouse over these words or phrases will pop up a tooltip explaining what they mean. Unfortunately, this does not work in IE due to a CSS bug. If you find words or phrases that need additional clarification, please post to the mailing list.

Zip Download the source code archive.
Or get the source via CVS.

The delphi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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